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We Support ALL Android TV Boxes!

With over 3 years experience supporting the Android TV Box | HD Streaming Media Player industry, our team offers full-service tech support service for all Android TV Streaming Boxes.

We have worked with, and are familiar with, just about every Android TV Box on the market, and Yes, we can help you with your unit, and user experience.

Our Tech Support Service Offers:

  • Education
  • Help
  • Training
  • Tips
  • Troubleshooting
  • Remote Access
  • Recommendations

The Education/Training, Tips will help you overcome your learning curb faster and save you a lot of unnecessary frustration that comes with that learning curb.

If you are having problems with your Android TV Box, troubleshooting with our experienced technician can help you determine where the issue resides so that we can then show you how to fix it.  Our team can show you how to easily overcome any operation and or setup issues you may be having.


There are 2 Support Options Available:

Although we can often assist our customers within 30mins and then there could be some time left over to use whenever you want with the 1-Hour plan.  This is not the best option because eventually one day you’ll be in the same boat needing help after your mins are up.  That’s why the yearly plan is the more popular option.  Especially since it can be renewed each year for just $50!  A small price to pay for all the security and asset protection that our service provides each year.

Also, if you chose the yearly service, and if we can’t ever fix your box over the phone you can send it to us for repair.  If we are unable to fix your unit in our shop because of hardware issues, we’ll roll the $90 that you paid for support into the cost of a brand new Fs1 Series from FOMOstream Android TV Box.

*There’s only 1 brand that will cost more to support yearly than the price listed above.  This is because it’s for an older brand we helped develop for another company which we still support, therefore we don’t want to devalue the support that those customers have paid for.  We will let you know if you own this brand.




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